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Mahidol University
Research Center on Peacebuilding


Mahidol University's Research Center on Peacebuilding was founded in November 2004 as a research center with the impetus to be part of the peaceful solution to conflicts in Thailand especially the conflict in three southernmost provinces; Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala.

The Center has developed and implemented 18 action and participatory research projects. These projects focus on facilitating cooperative efforts to deal with the conflicts through opening space for community dialogue, reduce the violence and to identify community needs. The projects will provide input for new public policies. One project example is the southern folktales telling project that aims to increase understanding of Thai people on the Thai Melayu people and their ways of life. These story telling can help develop positive attitudes and respect for differences.

The Center is in discussion with Mahidol University's Graduate in Human Rights Programme to examine the possibility of merging together to form an Institute. The Graduate in Human Rights Programme has been graduating Master's Degree students in human rights for nearly 10 years.  The purpose for merging the Research Center with the Human Rights Program is to strengthen peace, conflict, justice and human rights studies. In the mean time the Center plans to offer peace study courses to students of the University.

The Center's Philosophy is grounded in nonviolent approaches building long-term social change where cultural differences are honored and respected so that people can peacefully and harmoniously co-exist.


Center's Vision: Create a society where voices from all sectors are heard and incorporated into public policy that engenders non-violent co-existence.

Center's Mission: Facilitate the formation of relationships throughout all sectors of society based on trust, cooperation and making a space for discussion, using participatory processes.



  1. To increase Thai people's ability to understand each other, sharing and learning from each other so they can live in peace and harmony.
  2. To practice nonviolent approaches in the conflict situations.
  3. To revive restorative justice and reconciliation processes among people of difference backgrounds.
  4. To help create public policies with input from people of different ethnicities and religions.

Action steps

  • Promoting community dialogue that includes persons from various sectors
  • Facilitating training in non-violent approaches to peacebuilding, e.g., reducing prejudice, open communication, non-violent action.
  • Studying public policies and proposing recommendations for change.
  • Promoting cultural forums throughout Thailand to increase understanding and appreciation of people from southern Thailand
  • Promoting and increasing understanding of human rights for all Thai people


Note:  This is a working document as the Center develops its strategic plan for the future.
Center - 27 October 2006

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