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Literature Review:

The Philosophical Reconstruction of Peace Concepts

 By  Eakpant  Pindabanija

             The philosophical reconstruction of peace concepts focuses on the prospects for the creation of peace culture in each community. In all attempts on peace movement and social development, the absolute intention to make sustainable development in the society would bring about the relatively peaceful culture and the peaceful society, in which the members of the society can live their lives in harmony with other people and their surroundings.

Under the assumption that inequality in social and economic development would lead the society to the critical point where the people living in the society are overwhelmed with oppression, it is possible that such scenario would create the social conflict and, in worst case scenario, the violence among people in the society could emerge. Thus, the author believes that it would be beneficial to summarize some important philosophical points of view regarding the concepts of peace and peace studies in order to emphasize the final objective of creating the peaceful culture, peaceful environment, and the relatively peaceful society.

This article is written in the form of literature review for the purpose of summarizing some parts of the book Filosofia para hacer las paces, [Philosophy for making peace(s)] written by Vicent Martínez Guzmán. In this article, five chapters of this book are summarized and, in addition, it will refer to the book Podemos Hacer Las Paces: Reflexiones Éticas Tras El 11-S Y El 11-M, and the articles in the Revista Tiempo de Paz No.78 Otoño 2005 as follows: ‹‹Philosophical Reconstruction of Peace Studies››, ‹‹Philosophy and Culture of peace››, ‹‹Global security: More than exclusion. From the perspective of Peace Philosophy››, ‹‹The Right to Citizenship and Inter-cultural: Hospitality against Laws for Aliens››, and ‹‹Human Rights, Community Development and Democratic Diversity››. Apart from these sources, th literature review also includes some of the peace, conflict, development, and civilization theories from Johan Galtung’s perspective in order to widen the empirical scope of this article...


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