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Mahidol University’s Research Center for Peace Building (MURP) has a mission to promote nonviolent transformation of conflicts, in general, in the Southern Border Provinces in particular, as well as to create harmony in the Thai society  through :


-  Dialogues

-  Public Communication

-  Confidence building by behaving with integrity

-  Promotion of Cultural forum for mutual understanding between citizens in the South and in the whole country

-  Creation of cognitive space for exchange of ideas

-  Public Policy recommendation

Research Plan in Southern Border Provinces


In partnership with governmental organization and civil society in the Sothern Border Provinces, especially academic institutions such as The Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani Campus, Mahidol University’s Research Center for Peace Building (MURP) has developed a reseach plan as follows:

     - A short-term plan ( 1 year ),  emphasizing on the Confidence Building, Public

        Communication, the emphasis on safefy issues       

     - A medium-term plan ( 2 years ), emphasizing on the dialogue with social and

        economic target groups and on development starting with the small or simple issues, along with the follow-ups and the promotion of the joint-

        activities between the governmental sectors and the civil sectors for the

        security and safefy.

     - A long-term plan ( 3 years ), emphasizing on the creation of cognitive space and the search for consensus on public policy including the governance policy.


The Research Center for Peace Building expects that the research and the development mentioned above will bring forth the mutual trust, the cooperation

in solving the problems, the reduction or the transformation of the conflicts and the

public policy, reflecting the needs of the local people. The Center will conduct the follow-ups on its public policy recommendation. It will expand successful pilot projects and suggest continuing research plan as necessary.


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