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The Fact Finding Project


The violence in the Southern border provinces has expanded both in scope and level since 2004 . For the past few years, there have been reports of what was going on by the Mass Media and also the governmental sectors, the military and the police, the Senate and the House of the Representatives, the constitutional organizations, such as the National Human Rights Commission,  the independent committee appointed to check the fact on specific incidents e.g. the incident of Mosque, the incident of Takbai, and non-governmental organizations. The news, reports of these news and the outcome of the inspection tended to be altered and inconsistent. Moreover, the objectives and the presentations seemed to be different from one another, lacking of consensus and not presented as to create the understanding for the neither public nor led to dealing with the problems systematically that much.


The Fact Finding and the revelation of the facts are essential because the collection and the distribution of the complete facts in details concerning different incidents, especially the ones violating the human rights still serve as powerful and efficient weapons in protecting the human rights, creating the awareness and the learning in the society. Actually, to utilize the information and the facts gained or already existed and the impact as needed, the information and the facts should:


1. Be qualitative – precise, trustworthy and with enough details.


2. Be distributed through efficient channels because it will be considered useless if the information and facts are kept with the ones who searched for them or the organizations that preserved them. 


3. Be allowed to be beneficially utilized together and to be possibly exchanged through some certain standards as well as to be prevented from the repetitions or the negligence of some specific facts.   


The Research Center for Peace Building, Mahidol University realizes the importance of the Fact Finding ,the Systematization , the Analysis and the Synthesis of the information to be utilized widespread; thus, plans to conduct the Fact Finding Project with 3 main objectives :-


1. To collect the information, the facts, the incidents and the circumstances happening in the 3 Southern bordering provinces specifically since 2003.


2. To systematize the existing information as one, to analyze , synthesize and present them to the public as well as to utilize them as the backgrounds for the sections or the organizations concerned for searching and presenting the problem-solving concepts.


3. To uplift potential for the organizations, groups or persons especially people network in the areas for the searching of information, facts to be collected and systematically presented.

To attain the above objectives, the project has been divided into 2 phases, comprising the Project Preparation and the Project Operation for the duration of 6 months

(April – September 2004). For the Project Operation, the working plans will be as follows:


1. Stock Taking on the departments, organizations or persons who searched for the information and the Fact Finding.


2. Collecting the existing information and facts to be systematized and studying to see whether more information and facts need to be added.


3. Organizing meetings for the organizations and the people who possess information and facts.


4. Creating net-works and seeking for partnerships in operating the Fact Finding Project together by stressing on working with the local people.


5. Cooperating in the Fact Finding Project for the operation in the second phase.


The Personnel-in-charge for the Cooperation of the Project Preparation in the beginning

Sriprapa Petchmeesri , Ph. D. 

Director, The Establishment Project of Human Rights Study and Social Development,

Mahidol University


Associate Professor Kritaya Archavanikul, Ph.D. 

Assistant Director, Institute for Population and Social Research


Nongyao Naovarat, Ph.D.   

Social Sciences for Education, Faculty of Education, Chiengmai University


Assistant Professor  Busabong Chaicharoenwattana , Ph.D.  

Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences,

Prince of Songkla University,  Haadyai Campus


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