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The spiritual dimension practically dealing with tension and conflicts PDF Print E-mail

The training on “ The spiritual dimension practically  dealing with tension and conflicts” and the production of a training manual.


The circumstances in the Southern border provinces affect the people in the areas to become suspicious and to lead their daily life fearfully. The target group of the training comprises the police officers in the area.


The police officers who work in the area have to face with the most difficult circumstances. They have to confront daily with the threat against their life. This creates anxiety and tension which may affect the police’s potential in working. It can be seen that religion takes an important role for a lot of people concerning with mental problems. It happens to the police both Muslims and Buddhists, that they have to experience the suffering in the context of their own religious belief.


Actually, the spiritual dimension is a practical instrument to deal with tension and conflicts. This training emphasizes on the Buddhist Psychological approach. The trainees will investigate on how Buddhist Psychology could help them to confront with difficult circumstances. The training is beneficial to the police officers who are Buddhists. At the same time, the training also provides for the same Islamic teaching.


The training will help officers to become more tactful and gentle in interacting with the people in the areas.


The training includes the application of the spiritual dimension in a practical way, starting from the real situations and the contemplation of the sufferings and troubles confronted. It may be said that the Lord Buddha’s teaching about the Noble Truths is useful to examine the anxiety and conflicts. Therefore, the training is about how to apply the Noble Truths to deal with anxiety, how to apply the Noble Truths to deal with conflicts.



As for the Muslim participants, they will be informed in advance that the training will be conducted according to the Buddhist Psychological Principles and some of the Buddhist terms will be used to explain, with respect to all the participants’ faiths.



The Training Patterns


1. The participants exchange their painful experiences, stresses and anxieties for these experiences will be essential raw materials for the following sessions.

2. The theoretical session will be conducted in the form of group discussion.

3. The practical session includes role-plays that reproduce the circumstances from the participants’ real experiences. Both the theoretical and the practical parts will be

conducted alongside with meditation and prayer.


The Person incharge of the project and the Instructor


Dr. John McConnell , a British specializing in the application of the spiritual dimensions in dealing with  difficulties in different angles of life such as conflicts, sickness, depression and death. Dr. John is an experienced meditation practitioner and has experiences in reconciling conflicts among the neighbors and in the level of war with terrorists. Dr. John wrote a book entitled “Mindful Mediation” which is a handbook for Buddhist conciliators . Apart from this, he has been conducting Dharma trainings and the healing sessions for the cancer patients. At present, he is writing a book about how to use Dharma in healing the pain.


Surapee Chutrakul, graduated from Thammasat University, works in the field of social development and refugees for more than 20 years. She has conducted Dharma training together with Dr. John for the staff of various organizations both in governmental and private sectors for many years. She works as an instructor and an interpreter for Dr. John as well.

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