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The Battle of Bangkok


The gods have fallen off the sky

The evil lurks behind the innocent smile

Stand your place against the anarchy

In the game of losers

You win when you hold the peace


When hate prevails

You have to armour your heart

When hate prevails

To tear this world apart


Your word is your sword

Stand up to be heard

The city is in flame

But the peace will bear your name


When loyalties are appropriated

Every strike retaliated

All the meek will see the light

Shining through the Bangkok night


Raise your voice

When the old order is breaking down

Out of the rubble you will shine

Defend the values that you believe in

If the ideals are in your heart

Don't let the hate tear them apart


Be a hero

With bare hands and just your voice

Be the peace

Have the sight and make the choice

Tinya, November 2008
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