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Peace March to Pattani 

11 July – 1 September 2010

See more details in File Word.doc 


The conflict and violence in the most Southern provinces of Thailand had caused about 4,000 casualties since 2004. The root cause of the conflict is partly that one side wants a homogeneous society but the other wants justice and preservation of identity. If both sides only want to win, the conflict becomes protracted. This is a proper moment that Thai people of all 76 provinces be united to call on all parties to cease acts of violence urgently. We feel that negotiation and dialogue can lead to mediation and reconciliation.

MURP and Inter-religious Council for peace in the South of Thailand decided to jointly organize a peace march fro Salaya to Pattani as a symbolic call for peace. This march is seen as an effort to link peace from within to peace in society.


1. To urge all conflict parties in the South of Thailand to negotiate and reconcile.

2. To raise an awareness of Thai people of all ethnical and religious belongings that they have to take part in the transformation of the Southern conflict using peaceful means.

3. To urge Thai people in the other part of Thailand to pay more attention to the conflict and to build understanding and empathy to the people in the South.



The peace march will be from Mahidol University to the central Mosque in Pattani. The total distance is around 1,100 kilometers.

Organisation in charge

Center for Peace Building for Mahidol University in collaboration with Inter - Religious Council for Peace in the South of Thailand


1. A period prior to the Ramadan 11 July – 10 August 2010. We will stay overnight at temples and mosques as scheduled below:


05:00   Wake up


05:30   Start Marching


08:00   Breakfast


09:00   Continue marching


11:00   Lunch and rest


15:00   Continue marching


17:30   Rest


18:30   Dinner


19:30   Reflection on the day/talk to local people


21:00   Bed time


2. Ramadan period 11 August – 1 September 2010. We will stay overnight mainly in mosques as scheduled below:


04.30   Wake up


04:45   Breakfast


05:30   Start walking (begin to fast)


10:00   Rest


15:00   Continue marching


17:30   Rest


18:15   Stop fasting


18:30   Dinner


19:30   Reflection of the day/talk to local people


20:30   Bed time



Volunteers to the peace march throughout the program are


1. Mr. Gothom Arya


2. Mr. Pramuan Pengchan


3. Ms. Ngamsuk Rattanasatien

 plus few othersWe welcome more volunteers for both full and partial march.         

See more details in File Word.doc 


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